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Senior Marketing Manager

Looking for awesome, analytical, team-oriented, self-starting, results-driven, intrapreneurial, customer-centric, creative marketing mastermind with nunchuck skills, street smarts, get 'er done attitude, a passion for great technology (particularly FinTech) and a sense of humor. Oh, and mustn't be afraid of time or space travel (we're from the future). Must possess valid passport.

A Bit About Us

Based in Toronto, FutureVault is a cloud-based B2B2C white label SaaS solution for partner organizations used to acquire, reward and retain their clients while yielding valuable data and analytics. FutureVault affords for optimized collaboration between organizations, clients and their network of trusted advisors (i.e.: spouse, accountant, wealth advisor, insurance agent, lawyer, etc.) increasing trust, connection, opportunity and profitability. Clients (aka: VaultHolders) can deposit, store and manage important personal, financial & legal documents in a highly structured interface across multiple entities (corporations, sole proprietorships, trusts, family members, etc.).

Whoa, that was a lot of buzzwords in one paragraph.

Translation: FutureVault is a downtown Toronto-based FinTech startup that is growing like gangbusters. Over the past 2 years, we’ve stealthily built an incredible digital safety deposit box for organizations to brand and give their clients or members. In doing so, organizations and end users can communicate more securely and the relationship becomes stickier. Organizations are happy because they are providing value while getting to know their constituents better. Clients are happy because they are saving time and money and gaining peace of mind with all of life’s most important documents securely organized like never before. Everyone is happy.

We recently launched in New York by appearing on CNBC’s Squawk Box and demoing the platform on stage at a major FinTech conference (Finovate Fall 2016). We just filed three patents and launched our iOS companion app. We are starting to on-board our first business customers. Now, it’s time to turn on the marketing machine. Join us. Let’s do this.

A Bit About You

As per our search criteria above, we’re looking for a Jack-or-Jill-of-all-trades and master-of-many Senior Marketing Manager. If you answer yes to most of the following, you should send us your CV:

  • You’ve launched and managed effective, eloquent, successful and angelic 360° marketing campaigns because you know the devil is in the details
  • To you, blocking and tackling is a way of life
  • You have weird dreams about CPC, CPM, CAC/CPA, conversion rates and goal funnels
  • You wake up thinking about what your customers are doing today
  • You like to write clear and concise copy (vs. verbose, long-winded diatribes like this job posting)
  • You have an eye for design, an ear to the ground for marketplace trends, and a nose for knowing what’s next
  • You like assembling and leading A Teams to produce A+ work
  • You changed your middle name from “Danger” to “Dangerously Good at Marketing”
  • You may be wanted by the FBI for growth hacking so good it was nearly illegal
  • You’re not afraid to admit when you don’t know something but like to show off how fast you can learn it
  • You understand that marketing is both an art and a science – a good marketing mix is a kind of creative chemistry
  • You know that you need to know your audience, whether business customer, end user, strategic partner, or shareholder
  • You are a team player that still knows how to go it alone when you have to (think Beyoncé or Justin Timberlake)
  • Team culture is important to you; after all, it’s where you spend most of your day

Your Mission Should You Choose to Accept It

Reporting to the Chief Marketing Officer, you will champion our Go To Market Strategy, Tactics, Execution and Reporting. Working within the Marketing & Customer Success Group, you get to play a key leadership role in both B2B Marketing and B2C Marketing streams.

Your core mandates include:

  • Branding & Corporate Presence: Owning and crafting our brand with the support of the CMO and the design team.
  • Content Generation: Working with third party and in-house writers to create compelling messaging and content for our brand
  • Social Media: Working with internal and external resources to develop our social channels for customer communication and engagement
  • Online Marketing: Building and deploying clever campaigns that drive qualified traffic to our online destinations and then tracking spend/ROI in real time to make great decisions
  • PR & Advertising: Working with our PR firm to execute a PR roadmap that is in synch with our corporate objectives.
  • Video Marketing / Production: Being our in-house Spielberg to produce video collateral that has impact
  • Event Preparation: Supporting the Sales & Business Development team in identifying key events, negotiating participation terms and creating the right collateral, swag, and setups.
  • Marketplace Research: Continuing to monitor our competitive landscape in terms of pricing, packaging, messaging, traction, etc.
  • Provide Product Insights: Maintain an open dialogue with the Product and Engineering teams on suggested features and functionality
  • Grow & Mentor Team:As the business grows, identify roles and key hires for the Marketing & Customer Success Group.
  • Reporting & Analytics: Provide regular reporting on relevant marketing KPIs for the executive team and Board, including on marketing spend/budget, etc.


  • Bachelor’s degree in something – Marketing leaders come from all sorts of backgrounds so you don’t have to have come from the best business school to be considered.
  • 8+ years of relevant marketing and business experience
  • 3+ years people management experience
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong business and technical vision
  • Ability to handle multiple challenging priorities in a fast-paced environment
  • Exceptional customer relationship skills


  • Commensurate upon experience – don’t worry, we strive to be competitive even though we’re a startup.
  • You like vacations? So do we.
  • Stock options? Yes, please.
  • Bonus as a % of salary? Yup.


Please include resume and salary expectations when submitting with LinkedIn profile.

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